Greencape Capital

Our team - Overview

David Pace

David PacePortfolio Manager

David has over 20 years' experience in the funds management industry. David manages the Greencape High Conviction Fund with approximately $2.5 billion in funds under management.

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Matthew Ryland

Matthew RylandPortfolio Manager

Matthew has more than 18 years' experience in investment analysis and funds management. Matthew manages the Greencape Broadcap Fund with around $2 billion in funds under management.

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Marc Hester

Marc HesterInvestor

Marc has 10 years funds management experience and six years in accounting. Marc worked at Merrill Lynch Investment Managers as an equities analyst with David Pace and Matthew Ryland before joining Greencape at its inception.

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Jonathan Koh

Jonathan KohInvestor

Jonathan has over 10 years of investment experience. Jonathan worked at Merrill Lynch Investment Managers as an equities analyst with David Pace, Matthew Ryland and Marc Hester prior to Greencape's inception.

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Ryan Green

Ryan GreenInvestor

Ryan has over eight years of funds management and investment banking experience. Prior to working at Greencape, Ryan has worked at Goldman Sachs and Cooper Investors.


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Steven Haralambidis

Steven HaralambidisDealer

Steven has over six years accounting and funds management experience. He joined Greencape in 2012 and is a CFA Charterholder. He is responsible for trade execution and risk management across all Greencape funds.

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